Episode 15

Ep. 15 Hope is Stronger than Fear, with Denise Bradley

Published on: 9th July, 2021

Today’s guest is Denise Bradley, an expert in trauma theory who has spent decades helping victims of violence find healing. I know Denise from her current work with Corrymeela in which she works with marginalized groups, particularly refugee and asylum seekers in Northern Ireland, and I wanted to learn more from Denise about how the theory of trauma relates to the Psalms. In this conversation we talk about using the Psalms for support in times of fear or traumatic stress, finding inner safety that helps us move forward even when under threat, how the Psalms express all three stages of trauma healing, and about how hope is stronger than fear.

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Psalms for the Spirit
A Podcast about Spirituality and Resilience
This podcast looks at the connections between spirituality and resilience through the lens of the Biblical Psalms. It explores how the Psalms help people through difficult times – times of personal and collective trauma – through conversations about personal story, field research, and theological reflection from a variety of backgrounds and perspectives. Listeners might include clergy, seminarians, spiritual directors, hymnwriters, church musicians, mental health practitioners, anyone interested in the intersection between spirituality and lived experience.

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